My Skin-Care Regimen

Hey everyone! I’ve been working for a long time on finding a skin-care regimen that works for my dry, prone to flaking skin, and I’ve finally started to really hone in on what… Continue reading

{Review} Havana Dreams

  {Reposted from my tumblr} Today I was browsing the store and noticed the nail polish was all on sale for 50%… I cannot pass up a good deal so I picked up… Continue reading

Today’s Hair: The better bun!

  I need to practice this more to really “get it”, but this is the Better Bun from Life is So Demanda! So far I like it a lot more than the sock… Continue reading

{Review} Non-Fat Soy Half Caff

{Reposting from my tumblr} A couple weeks ago I picked up the “Is It Payday Yet?” nail polish from Sephora by OPI. I wrote in my review that while it wasn’t what I was expecting… Continue reading

DIY Lavender & Gelatin Face Mask

Reposting from my Tumblr with a few new notes! I think it’s important to realize that this mask is not going to grab each individual blackhead out of your face: what it DOES… Continue reading

No-Slip Hangers

  I love little crafty projects but often have a hard time justifying the time to do them. This quick little project is perfect for getting my hands going and getting something useful… Continue reading

Using Color Correcting Concealer

I wanted to talk about using color correcting primer and concealer to help cover up acne flair ups. I recently fell off the wagon of good skin care and was rewarded with a… Continue reading

Pintested: Cracked Heel Remedy

At the risk of being totally gross, the cold, dry Maine weather in winter absolutely destroys my feet and turns them into the hard, cracked, dry bricks. Ew. I’ve tried pumice stones and… Continue reading

The Best Make-up Remover & Moisturizer

In the middle of winter in Maine, my already dry skin gets to critical mass. I’ve struggled finding a skin care regimen that keeps acne at bay without completely stripping my face of… Continue reading

A Subtle Valentine Nail

I originally planned to do a full out Valentine’s Day manicure with red nails and gold glitter hearts. However… I just can’t bring myself to take off the polish from the last manicure… Continue reading