{Review} Sephora Collection Smart Liner

Back in 2007 I went to Target and bought my first ever liquid eye liner. I’ve loved it and used it a lot once I got the hang of doing a little cat-eye… Continue reading

Beauty Myths: Baby Oil + Iodine = No More Hair?

I’ve started seeing this pop up all over Pinterest, more so now that we’re getting closer to summer. The pin is a picture of a pair of legs – one leg is hairy,… Continue reading

Today’s Makeup

Usual blah blah routine with my foundation and whatnot (ugh I really want to get primer again though… wah). Had sort of an “omg wtf I hate my makeup i hate it i… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit

Alright, it’s technically past midnight so this is really yesterday’s outfit ;P It’s taken me a long time to jump on the maxi skirt bandwagon, and I am SO glad to be here… Continue reading

Today’s Makeup

Two years ago when I was getting ready for my wedding I bought a trio of brushes from Sigma – flat, round and angle topped kabuki brushes – at the time they were selling all three together for… Continue reading

How to Find the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

Absolutely! When it comes to blush, less is more. I have very fair skin and right now I like Stila’s Custom Color blush.

Today’s Outfit

Posting at the end of the day because I worked this morning and didn’t have time to do my whole photo set up ;) Striped shirt from H&M, scarf is a thrift store… Continue reading

Fashion Find: In the men’s department!

Snagged this sweatshirt today while I was at work. I was cleaning the men’s department and noticed one of these left in a size small, and had a sudden inkling that it was… Continue reading

H&M vs ModCloth: Lace Ballet Flats

Lace Ballet Flats from H&M.com $17.95 Sheer to Fall in Love Flats from ModCloth.com $29.99 If you haven’t heard of the website ModCloth… where have you been!? ModCloth is a great clothing website,… Continue reading

My Basic Make-up Routine

1) Start with a clean, moisturized face. And wash your hands too! It’s important to minimize transfer of bacteria an oil from your hands to your face. This is also when I use… Continue reading