{Review} Soak Wash

During my trip to Etain in Portland I impulse bought a bottle of Soak Wash, a hand washing laundry detergent that is rinse free. Up til then I’d been using Woolite, which requires… Continue reading

Braided Gibson Tuck

Darn… I’ve been trying to do a post every week on Fridays, and realized this afternoon that I never posted yesterday. Here we go! I’ve been playing around with this style a little… Continue reading

XXI + VS Haul

I feel a little weird calling it a haul when it’s just three things, but anyway…!   Medium sized, mustard yellow cross body purse from Forever 21. Looks like the website doesn’t show… Continue reading

Pintested: How to Hem Jeans and Keep the Original Hem

As someone who is short, I’ve resigned myself to a lifetime of trying on and buying jeans that are at least two inches too long for me. And some are even worse, going… Continue reading

New hair, kittens, NYC

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I’ve had a lot of sad personal life stuff going on, dealing with family members passing away. I ended up taking today off work to… Continue reading

Today’s Hair: Messy Fishtail

I decided this morning to try a big fishtail braid while my hair was still damp. It was actually easier than I thought to do the braid without being able to see, the… Continue reading

The Fluff Bun & Snakes

I made a post at the end of March about the “Better Bun“, and today I had another try at it.Β The idea behind it is to put your hair in a pony tail,… Continue reading

Pintested: Pony-Tail Curls

Just about every time I’m on Pinterest I see a pin that shows how to curl your hair by putting it into a high ponytail first, and I decided to try it out!

Shopping Local: Etain Boutique, Portland Maine

Let’s talk about bras! I’ve struggled with bras for years, ever since I grew out of the standard size range of 34C that I could fit into during high school and the beginning… Continue reading

Today’s Outfit

A little colder today, but since I had my car I opted to wear my new black flats! I just recently picked up this cute peplum top and was very excited to wear… Continue reading