some updates, changes and general housekeeping!

Hello all! Welcome to all the new followers I’ve gained over the past few weeks. I’ve been focusing hard on blogging regularly and it’s paid off. There are now a little over 60 of you following along!

So, here at Just a Little Blush I’ve been blogging for a bit over a year. In that time I’ve done a mix of make-up, fashion, cooking, etc. Lately though, I’ve realized I’m too scattered. So, I’m going to continue doing make-up and fashion blogging her at JALB, but I’ve also started a new blog call 2 Cats & a Coffee to house all of my recipes and cooking adventures. If you’ve liked the recipes I’ve posted here I hope you’ll join me there!

Meanwhile hear at JALB, some news: I’ve been approved to join the e-tailPR network of bloggers! What does this mean? Well, for now, not much is going to change. e-tailPR is a network where bloggers can be connected with companies who provide samples to review products, however most campaigns require bloggers to have thousands of followers on any given social media platform to be eligible. I’m nowhere near there yet, but it’s still a cool pipe dream.

That’s it for now. I hope you’ll check out 2 Cats & a Coffee :)

Good night!