Overnight Blueberry Croissant Puff

I decided this year that I wanted to make a special Mother’s Day breakfast, instead of just a dessert. But honestly – this blueberry croissant puff is so rich and creamy that it could easily do double duty as a dessert.
blueberry croissant puff

I got the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything, and made it with a few changes/clarifications:

  • I opted to use a 9×13 casserole dish instead of a 9×9 pan to make sure the entire mixture would fit.
  • IĀ did not grease the dish, and I would suggest skipping greasing it. I had no issues with it sticking, and I think any added Crisco or cooking spray would make the entire thing too greasy and soggy.
  • I used skim milk. The original recipe does not state a preference, but if you’re looking to cut down on calories somewhere, using skim milk instead of whole milk is totally doable. The end result was still incredibly rich and creamy.
  • I used frozen blueberries and had no issues. They cooked perfectly, tasted great, and now I’ve got enough left over to make another dish.
  • Just sprinkle the blueberries over the top after the milk/creamcheese/egg mix has been poured over.
  • To save time, I assembled the entire thing, covered it in foil, and put it in the fridge overnight. It turned out great the next day, not too soggy at all, so if you’re looking for a quick, easy casserole for breakfast on a busy morning, this is a great option. Just make sure you use a dish that is safe to go from fridge to oven (Pyrex) and/or let it sit on the counter for a little while to come to room temperature.
  • This fed five people two servings each for breakfast. I originally thought we’d have left overs, but my family gobbled up the entire thing. I’m probably going to make a double batch of this next time because even after a second helping everyone was a little sad it was all gone, so if you’re feeding any more than 4-5 people, I would highly suggest doubling the recipe.

This is a great recipe! I’ve already had requests to make it again, and I can tell it’s going to be come a regular family treat :)