Leggings Are Pants!

I came across this article today by Jessica Hoffeldt on readunwritten, which is basically a love letter to leggings.

I. Love. Leggings. LOVE them.
I used to feel so-so about them. I bought into the crappy, negative “leggings aren’t pants!” state of mind. But no longer! I started to really hate the body shaming of “oh, don’t wear leggings as pants especially because most of the girls that do are too fat to pull it off”.

I am here to say a big SCREW YOU to that.

Part of my personal philosophy when it comes to clothing is to wear what makes you happy, not what makes other people approve of you.

So to all my fellow leggings-wearing ladies – three cheers for the most comfortable piece of clothing in our wardrobes!

Photo credit, thanks Faestock!