Flexi-Rod Adventures

So a while ago I saw a Pinterest post about how you can get great curls overnight by putting your hair into a ponytail and then wrapping it around flexi rods. I saw some flexi rods at the dollar store and figured hey, for $1 I might as well try this out!

Trial 1 before

For my first trial I put my hair up into a pony tail after I washed it, and then sectioned off 6 pieces and secured them around the rods. Then I wrapped it all up in this fabulous scarf that was left to me by my grammy. Don’t mind my hand covering up a zit on my forehead there ;)
The next morning the results were pretty underwhelming. The curls didn’t really take shape too well and my hair seemed to be too wet still.

Trial 2 beforeI gave it another try last night, this time I didn’t do a ponytail first, I just wrapped the hair right onto the rods. It was pretty difficult to get them to stay, I think because the sections were just too large. I only have 6 rods right now which meant 2 for the top, and two for each side. I have pretty fine hair but a LOT of it, so it just didn’t work out easily.
Trial 2 resultsI ended up having one really perfect curl in the back of my head, which was the smallest sectioned piece, so I know I definitely need more rods to do smaller pieces. The rest of my hair was somewhat wavy but still damp. I need to work on the technique more but having smaller sections seems to be the trick to getting the rods to stay in place once wrapped, and for my hair to dry overnight.