Review: ModCloth “Out On the Deck” Cardigan

So, I messed up.

Not bad, but… Yeah, I messed up.

I received a ModCloth gift certificate for Christmas and then started going crazy trying to figure out what I wanted to get. After going through hundreds of items I settled on three. I placed my order.

And… forgot to use the gift card.

So it drew right from my bank account, YIKES. Unfortunately I didn’t notice in time to fix it, so now I’ve still got that gift card sitting there, and now three more lovely things in my closet. So the process of choosing begins all over again!

But anyway, I love the things I got, and I wanted to share this particular cardigan with you.

Out on the Deck Cardigan - ModClothΒ Out on the Deck Cardigan - ModCloth 2

This is the “Out On the Deck” cardigan! When I first tried it on and looked in the mirror I actually thought I was going to return it. I wasn’t sold on the way it folds in front and just felt meh about it. But then I wore it around my apartment a bit to take photos, and found I was falling in love! This cardigan is soft and warm. Oh is it warm. We’re about to dip down to -22 degree here in Boston so I need all the warm clothing I can get!

The fabric is soft, heavy enough to provide serious warmth but not bulky. The arms are long enough to cover part of my hands which is lovely. I really love the pattern, I’ve wanted a cardigan with this type of pattern for a while.

This cardigan normally sells for $75 on ModCloth, but I got it on sale for an incredible $37. I don’t know if I could ever spend $75 on a single item, but for the sale price this is absolutely worth it!