Summer Vacation!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted… I’m still getting the hang of the “regularly posting” thing for blogging and lately I’ve had such a bonkers schedule I just haven’t even had time to sit down and write anything.
I’m on vacation now and today is my scheduled “sit the @%#* down and relax” day, so I decided to update my progress on my Bucket List, now with pictures!

  • Bike at least once a week. This one isn’t working out -exactly- as I had hoped due to illness, but last week I did two 8 mile bike rides which were extremely rewarding. This week while on vacation we decided to leave our bikes at home, however we did go for a hike!
  • Visit Old Orchard Beach. We went to OOB for the 4th of July, but I want to do a proper beach day still.
  • Swim in a lake or pond. Yay! We finally went swimming yesterday at Megunticook Lake, specifically Barrett’s Cove. I used to go there all the time during summer camp, but it seems like in the more recent years the place has been cleaned up quite a bit. We had a really great time and are planning to go back at least once more before we head home.8-5 Swimming Megunticook Lake
  • Complete at least one sewing project for the house (like curtains or pillowcases) and one item of clothing.
  • Paint my jewelry box.
  • Visit Peaks Island.
  • Grill at my dad’s house. We accomplished this our second night here, we had some delicious burgers thanks to Dylan’s grilling prowess :)
  • Make smores.
  • Hike. I’m so happy we were able to do this! We originally had quite ambitious plans of driving to Acadia and hiking Cadillac Mountain… that was not meant to be! Instead we hiked the much more local and easier trail up to Maiden’s Cliff. Maiden's Cliff
  • Go out on a Windjammer.
  • Eat sushi. We had an amazing dinner at Mr. Wat in Rockport. We tried their Philly Maki Roll, California Roll, Scallion Pies and then I had fried coconut icecream for dessert. It was all so delicious (and affordable!) that we went back two days later for lunch!