Weekend Recap 7/11-7/13

I’m including Friday in the weekend because it ended up be an “early release” day for both me and the hubs! I was only scheduled till 2pm and his work got out early. It’s rare for us to have the same days and times off and this weekend we somehow ended up with both days plus Friday afternoon so it felt like a bit of a holiday!

Friday my store did an extra 50% off on all marked down merchandise, so I picked up this cute shirt for only $2.50.
Fort Williams Friday 7.11

I normally wouldn’t buy something sleeveless or button up, as they are both “no-no’s” for my shape. But I realized I spend a lot of time telling other people to wear what they WANT to wear and not what fashion rules say they are allowed to. So I tried this shirt on and ended up loving it! I wore it that day on a little trip to Fort Williams :) In this photo I’m wearing it unbuttoned, but it also looks cool buttoned all the way up to the top. The armholes are a little too big, but sewing in some quick darts will fix them right up.

The next day, Saturday, was really awesome. I got a bunch of laundry done that I’ve been putting off, and also put up a clothesline in the backyard so that I could finally start getting through the huge amount of hand washable items that have been languishing in a hamper.

laundry day head scarves 7.12

These are all head scarves/handkerchiefs from my Grandmother’s collection of clothing. I’m not entirely sure yet how to incorporate them into my wardrobe but I love them so much!

Later that night we went to see Dev at the Portland Asylum. I’ve never actually been to a pop concert or club, so it was a new experience. I had a LOT of fun getting dressed up and doing my hair and make-up :) I went with a poofy dutch braid faux hawk type look in my hair, and cat eyes and red lips for my makeup. And there’s my new shirt again, this time button all the way up!

Dev makup 7.12

It was a short set, but I was actually really happy that everything was done by 10:30… I’m an old lady ;) We had a lot of fun and somehow my make-up didn’t sweat off despite how hot it was and how much dancing I did.

after Dev 7.12

My hair was a little crazy when I took the braids out though… hah!

after braids 7.12

So during this whole fun filled weekend I’ve also been battling what I was hoping was just some jumped up allergies, or maybe a cold…. but this morning when I woke up I realized I really needed to have a doctor check me out, and it turns out I’ve got strep throat and an ear infection, so my Sunday turned into a lot of this:

terra the nurse 7.13
Terra is a very good nurse and has been keeping me company. A bit of a downer way to end an otherwise awesome weekend, but I’ll be on the mend soon.

Tell me how your weekend was! :)