Pintested: Baby Oil Gel for Shaving

I kept seeing the Baby Oil Gel for shaving pin making the rounds, so a few months ago I bought some for myself to test it out.

baby oil gel pintest

I was pretty impressed at first because it seemed to give a very smooth shave, but overall I have to call shenanigans on this one. The gel gunks up my razor badly, making it hard to rinse between strokes which is important to do for a good shave. I also didn’t feel that the baby oil gel was moisturizing my legs any better than other shaving creams and gels I’ve tried. Quite frankly I think the fragrance in the gel may have irritated my legs more than usual.
I also didn’t notice the shave lasting longer than other methods. I felt stubble after a couple days, certainly not lasting a week between shaves.

After trying out the baby oil gel for a few months I started switching between the gel, using hair condition, and traditional shaving cream. The conditioner did a really good job at getting a close shave like the gel did, but didn’t gunk the razor up. The shaving cream however still outperformed both, giving me a close shave while also helping to to keep my legs moisturized. My preferred brand is Barbasol Thick&Rich Sensitive Skin shaving cream. It’s incredibly gentle on my skin and it has a nice smell (no, I don’t smell manly after using it ;) ).

Overall I’d call this Pin busted! Stick with a shaving cream and don’t be disappointed.