Coconut Baking Soda Face Wash

I’ve been wanting to try this DIY face wash for a while now, so when I looked in my cupboard and realized it was so hot my coconut oil was totally liquid I figured it was the right day to try it. I’ve also been noticing more build-up lately on my face from sweating, and some clogged pores that my normal face wash hasn’t been taking care of.

For this face wash you need 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in liquid form. Coconut oil is solid at ‘room temperature’, except when your room is 80+ degrees Fahrenheit…! If your oil is still solid, just scoop some into a microwave safe container and zap it for about 10 seconds to liquefy.


You’ll mix your oil in 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and a teeny bit, just a few drops, of water to make a creamy paste.

Next, wet your face and GENTLY massage the wash into your face, being extra gentle on sensitive areas like your cheeks and under the eyes. I recommend using a wet cloth to wipe off because if you try to just splash it off you might get some in your eyes, which would be very unfortunate given the baking soda mixed in!

I really liked the results from using this, my face felt squeaky clean and unclogged. Baking soda is a pretty harsh exfoliate but I felt that the coconut oil brought enough creaminess to the wash to make it palatable. Plus it smells great!