Today’s Look: Cat Eyes and Heidi Braids!

We are finally completely moved… phew! Now of course comes the unpacking. I had a moment of panic last night thinking I left my entire makeup kit 2 1/2 hours away at my dad’s house, but it turns out it was lurking in a suitcase I hadn’t yet opened.

This morning I had to drop the hubs off at work a couple hours before I had to get in, so for once I had time to fairly leisurely make myself breakfast, do my hair and do my makeup.

I opted today for a cat eye look I haven’t done in a little while:


I use Sephora’s Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in matte black, I really like it because the way it applies is very similar to an old Rimmel liner that I loved. It’s a bottle and brush type affair, but the brush is a bit like a wiggly felt tip and very thin which makes it easy to get right into my lash line.
For my bottom lid I prefer a softer smudgey look, so I use an eyeliner brush with the color Crave from the Naked Basics palette.

Check out my necklace! :D My first and only big statement necklace, though I so badly want more.


For my hair I did a style that I’m growing very fond of, quadruple heidi braids! Also referred to as milkmaid braids. Every time I do my hair up like this I get a lot of people asking about it, usually the questions go “Did you do that yourself? Did it take long? You must have SUPER long hair!”
The answers being Yes, nope, and not really! I like this because I can do it in under ten minutes and it doesn’t require any heat. The general idea is to make two braids on each side of your head and the pin them across the top. It makes a big ole mess of braids that looks super complicated but is really easy. It’s also comfy despite the pins in it. Expect a tutorial soon!