{Review} Soak Wash

During my trip to Etain in Portland I impulse bought a bottle of Soak Wash, a hand washing laundry detergent that is rinse free.

Up til then I’d been using Woolite, which requires you to soak, rinse, wring out, and lay flat/drape to dry your laundry. It’s a pain in the butt because I have to have my kitchen sink clean to soak everything, a separate sink or tub clean to rinse, and then space to drape everything. Especially when a lot of our months are very cold already, I didn’t enjoy a process that required me to plunge my hands under freezing water multiple times.

With Soak, you just mix a gallon of cool water (I don’t measure out an exact gallon, I just use a little under half a sink full of water), a tablespoon of detergent, soak for 15 minutes, squeeze out the extra water and then either drape it or lay it flat to dry. It’s seriously so much easier and faster a process!

Soak Wash in sink

I usually need to buy fragrance free and dye free detergents, but for Soak I decided to try out the “Celebration” scent. I love it’s very delicate, floral scent, it’s really pleasant while washing but not overpowering once the clothes are dry. I also haven’t had any issues with the fragrance or dye irritating my skin.

I’ve had it for a couple months and used it for several washes and still feel like I’ve barely made a dent in the 3oz bottle I purchased. It works very well and is much more convenient than Woolite, and so far has treated my various clothing articles very well. I’ve washed wool, polyester, cotton, spandex… blacks, whites, hot pinks…! And all have come out looking just like they did the day I bought them, only cleaner!

I purchased mine at Etain in Portland but you can also buy Soak online.