New hair, kittens, NYC

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I’ve had a lot of sad personal life stuff going on, dealing with family members passing away. I ended up taking today off work to do some self care and try to get centered again, as I’ve been feeling incredibly off kilter and exhausted. Part of my self care was finally going and getting a hair cut! Growing up I wore my hair quite long, all the way down to my waist, and then in January of 2012 I chopped it all off into a pixie cut! Here’s a photo a few months after the big chop: pixiecut2012 While I guess I’m sort of glad I hacked it all off just so I could say I’ve done it at least once, I was pretty miserable with the haircut and immediately started growing it out. Luckily my hair grows very fast, here’s my hair a few days ago – Picture 129A little hard to see behind my little girl but it’s down to my shoulder blades now! I’d only cut it again once after the scary pixie, just to shape it into something that would grow out nicely. That was probably a year ago, so while feeling very blue and blah I realized what I needed was a hair cut! I looked through my old Facebook photos to see what styles really stood out to me, and it was always ones with bangs, so I decided it was time to bring them back. Picture 130I vacillated between blunt straight bangs and side bangs, and opted for side bangs. I kind of wanted them a littler thicker/bigger, but overall I’m happy. At the end of the summer when I get them trimmed again I might have them cut more hair into them for a stronger fall look. I also spent a few very therapeutic hours today watching House and putting my hair up in braid crowns. I originally was trying to do this… but it just wasn’t coming out right. I think that my hair is too thick and also too short still to pull off that ‘do. I ended up doing two braids on each side of my hair and alternating/overlapping them across my head. Picture 136 It was surprisingly easy to get my hair up, probably because I’ve finally embraced hair spray… hah! I’m headed to NYC tomorrow and I’ll definitely be doing the braids again. To close out, here’s one more photo of the kittens we adopted a little over a week ago. They are SO adorable! I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on and talk about, so *fingers crossed* posts will become more regular! Picture 133