The Fluff Bun & Snakes

I made a post at the end of March about the “Better Bun“, and today I had another try at it. The idea behind it is to put your hair in a pony tail, tease it, then pin into place. The first time I tried it worked fairly well, but this time around I had even better results getting it into place and staying. I’m renaming it the Fluff Bun because through teasing the hair it makes a lovely, fluffy puff ball of a bun :)

Here’s a photo right after I did it.



And here’s two more taken hours later after changing clothes, walking around outside in the wind, holding a huge snake (more on that later!) and going out to dinner.

after2 after1

I ended up with a bigger bun this time around and it also stayed in placed much better. The big difference this time was that I did not condition my hair this morning, only washed it. My hair is pretty fine and incredibly slippery and soft. Normally the softness is a great thing but it makes it hard to get it to stay in place after styling, so I’m going to start cutting down on how often and how much conditioner I use.

And here’s a snake I met during this evening’s First Friday Art Walk!

IMAG0695 IMAG0688

This is the first Art Walk I’ve been to this year, and I had a lot of fun. The sun was out and despite the breeze it was quite warm. I met this snake, some bunnies, lots of cute dogs, and saw a lot of beautiful artwork!