Pintested: Pony-Tail Curls

Just about every time I’m on Pinterest I see a pin that shows how to curl your hair by putting it into a high ponytail first, and I decided to try it out!

small_0944 small_0945 small_0946 small_0947 small_0948 small_0949

I decided to do this on my hair this morning before I showered, partly so that the oil in my hair would help the curl stick and also so that in case I totally messed up I could just shower it out :P

I started by putting my hair into a high pony tail, which I flipped forward to see better. I used a small curling iron with no clip, and piece by piece curled my hair by wrapping it around. The pin that’s going around shows maybe 3-4 sections being curled, but I have way too much hair for that. I had to use 1/4 inch pieces of hair but it still was fairly fast.

After I curled all the pieces I took my hair down and ruffled them with my fingers. The result was… eh. I wasn’t super pleased with how it looked. The top of my hair was still pretty flat and boring, and the sides were poofing out away too much. I also noticed the under layers of my hair were still pretty straight, probably because they just aren’t long enough to really be caught in the curl yet.

I’m going to try this again in a few weeks, but what I’ll most likely do is two pony tails – one mid head, the other right on top – and hope that that will help get all my head curled.

For pins I’d give this a C. It does sort of work, but just not for me this time.