{Review} Sephora Collection Smart Liner

Sephora Smart Liner Product Photo

Back in 2007 I went to Target and bought my first ever liquid eye liner. I’ve loved it and used it a lot once I got the hang of doing a little cat-eye flick, but it’s been almost 7 years since I purchased it… definitely time for something new!

I popped into Sephora to check out what they had, intending to get a similar liner to the Target one – black, ink pot style with a point applicator. Instead I ended up getting the Smart Liner, a felt tip pen style liner with this funky “ergonomic” handle.


I was surprised to find that I was very disappointed by this eyeliner. I tried it out in the store on my hand and thought it’d be fine, but for $14 it’s terrible. I felt like I had to really jab it in to get it close enough to my lash line, and trying to go over a coat would smudge it like a dry erase marker. The second time I used it it seemed like the tip was already drying up! I also had a hard time getting it to actually do a nice flick at the corner of my eye, which is a big let down considering it’s touted as “ergonomic and innovative design makes perfection effortless and flawless”.

As for smudge proof, I call shenanigans. I put the eyeliner on this morning at about 8am. At noon while on a break at work I took a look in the mirror and found that the liner had smudged and smeared into my tear duct and then down below my eye! I was really shocked at how badly it held up.

Needless to say I brought it back to Sephora this afternoon and exchanged it for the Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner they sell, which is $2 less than the Smart Liner and so far seems much more capable of a product.