Today’s Makeup

MUOTD 4-3_0873

Usual blah blah routine with my foundation and whatnot (ugh I really want to get primer again though… wah).

Had sort of an “omg wtf I hate my makeup i hate it i hate it” moment with my foundation today, thinking that it was way too light and didn’t match my chest, so I went and swatched some on my chest and it blended right in… so I’m losing my marbles. Not that that’s news.

In my ongoing quest to conquer eyeshadow, I tried something new today. I used the lightest color in my H&M palette all over the lid, and then the second to lightest in the inner and outer corners as well as the crease and along my lower lash line.

Liquid eyeliner (holy crabapples I need a new one, I’ve had my current one since 2007 and the wand end is getting really fudged up) on top and a little “Crave” from my UD Naked Basics palette for the lower.

My lips feel naked but I have zero lipsticks or glosses that I like. Zero. I was hoping my coral lipstick would show up today but it’s still in the mail, so hopefully it’ll come in tomorrow…!