{Review} Havana Dreams


{Reposted from my tumblr}

havana dreams from sephora by opi

Today I was browsing the store and noticed the nail polish was all on sale for 50%… I cannot pass up a good deal so I picked up two new bottles, one of which is “Havana Dreams”.

The polish is a sheer pale sky blue. The color is solid with no glitter or other sparkly bits floating around.

Prior to this I’ve only had one other polish from the Sephora by OPI line, and I’ve found that both are fairly thin. The polish is described online as a sheer color and I find this to be very true, however it looked quite streaky to me using just one or two coats, so I ended up with 3 coats to get a solid opaque look.

Worth noting that I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails hardener as a base and top coat, so all in all there are five coats of polish, however they are all very thin so my nails don’t feel bulky.

In the past I’ve found that using the Sally Hansen polish as base/top coat really improve the life of my nail polish, so I’ll update again later with how well the polish lasted without chipping. Update 8/4/2013: I did the first application of this polish on July 31st, so it has now been about 4 full days wearing it. I’ve been on vacation so my hands aren’t getting beat up the way they normally would when I’m at my job as a cashier, but I have been doing laundry and dishes, cooking, barbecuing, etc. The polish has held up fairly well for a DIY manicure. I have noticed small chips in my index fingers, and some very very small lines have appeared on the middle finger nails, but these are both expected with how I use my hands are since I did not add any additional top coats after the original painting.

Bottom line: Havana Dreams is a very pretty shade that dries quickly but requires multiple coats to achieve an acceptable finish. Holds up for about 4 days with moderate wear and tear on hands. Worth the sale price of $4.50, but perhaps not the full price of $9.