Using Color Correcting Concealer

before and after green correction concealer

I wanted to talk about using color correcting primer and concealer to help cover up acne flair ups. I recently fell off the wagon of good skin care and was rewarded with a couple of deep cystic pimples that are big and red and right in the middle of my face.

To cover them up I start with a green primer from MUFE, let it soak in for a minute and then get out my color correct palette from Graftobian. The palette contains a soft orange, yellow highlight, muted green, pink high light, and extra high light. I use a finger tip and warm up some of the muted green, and then carefully pat onto the blemish. I also use the green on my jaw bone where I tend to have some ruddiness.

Then I go ahead and use my normal foundation, using extra care around the blemishes to pat the foundation on instead of rubbing it and disrupting the concealer.

You can see in the photo above that the blemishes are still visible,  but they are much more subtle. And, most people won’t just be starting straight at your face for minutes on end, so they’re not likely to notice them ;)