Pintested: Cracked Heel Remedy

At the risk of being totally gross, the cold, dry Maine weather in winter absolutely destroys my feet and turns them into the hard, cracked, dry bricks. Ew.

I’ve tried pumice stones and soaking my feet in the tub; I’ve done the lotion on my feet with socks overnight; they both work alright but never enough to truly conquer the issue. Recently on a day off I decided to try out an idea I had seen on Pinterest from called the Cracked Heel Remedy. Her recipes calls for hydrogen peroxide, hot water, a foot file, and some lotion.

foot file


I headed out to Rite Aid to pick up my tools and got to work. Unfortunately I was a silly head and did not take a before or after photo, but I am pleased to say that this solution really actually works. I had to spend a lot more time filing my feet after the soak than what she outlines, but at the end of it my feet were almost 100% smooth. I think it may have taken me longer because I didn’t use as hot of water as I could have.

If you’re ready to try it out, combine 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide with 2 cups of hot water and soak  your feet for 30 minutes. Make sure the container is small enough to submerge your heel. After the soak, dry your feet and start filing! I was amazed at how quickly dead skin came off, and also at how much it tickled!

Afterwards slather on some lotion and put on some socks to let the moisture really soak in.

Congrats! You’ve now joined the ranks of the non-gross feet :P