Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Recently I picked up the sample size of Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer. I usually use MUFE Primer but I have been wanting to try something new.

The primer is oil-free, clear and has no scent. I found the consistency to be very smooth and fluid (honestly, it feels exactly like water based lubricant), and felt that immediately after application my pores looked smaller and better filled in and smoothed. My first application of primer and foundation I was a little let down with how dry my skin appeared compared to when I use MUFE Primer: on either side of my nose the pores initially look smooth and well filled in, but looking closer at them the skin looks dry and flaky after putting foundation on. I found this to be true near healing blemishes as well. However, after changing up my skin routine to get more hydration to my face, I found the results much more pleasing, and after a day of working my make-up still looks fresh and has not shifted and rubbed off. I would therefore not suggest this to anyone who has extremely dry skin until they can find a skin regimen that gets more moisture to their face.