{Review} Maybelline Clean Express! Make-up Remover

This bottle is just about empty, and probably as used as it will get. I bought this make-up remover at a drugstore a few months ago because I needed a better way to get mascara off than just splashing my face with water.

I liked that it was ultra gentle, didn’t hurt my eyes, and didn’t irritate my skin. To use, you shake it up to mix the remover, pour onto a cotton pad, and wipe mascara off. I found that it accomplished that goal for the most part and did so without leaving my eyes feeling greasy, but at times I felt that I had to rub a little hard on my eyes and a few eyelashes would be pulled out, which I wasn’t super happy with. The bottle also touts itself as strong enough to remove waterproof mascara, which I did not find to be the case. It was able to remove drugstore strength mascara, but when wearing brands like Benefit’s They’re Real, it barely made a dent.

Overall it’s not my favorite make-up remover, I much prefer coconut oil, however for a travel make-up bag this would be much more convenient than a full jar of coconut oil and works well enough for occasional use.