A Subtle Valentine Nail

valentines day manicure finished

I originally planned to do a full out Valentine’s Day manicure with red nails and gold glitter hearts. However… I just can’t bring myself to take off the polish from the last manicure I gave myself, which is still going strong despite all the abuse I’ve heaped on it! So instead I’m going to go a different route and show you how to do an understated, subtle Valentine’s Day nail.

You’ll need:

  • Nail clippers, file and buffing block
  • Base coat and quick drying top coat
  • At least one polish color to make the heart with, but I recommend two
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors, the smaller the better.

valentine's day manicure no text

I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener for the base; Nonfat Soy Half Caff (Sephora by OPI) as my primary color; Looks Like Rain, Dear (Sephora by OPI) for the heart; and Maybelline Express Finish 50 second nail color as the top coat.

You’ll start off just giving yourself a normal paint job with the primary color, and then after it dries we add the heart! Grab your scotch tape and cut yourself a piece about two inches long, and then on each end fold over a couple centimeters to make tabs that you can grab onto.

Stick the tape to the back of your hand a few times so it’s not quite so sticky, and then fold in half. Now grab your scissors and, on the folded edge, cut the shape of half a heart. You’ll want to pay attention to which nail you intend to paint on when deciding the size. I wanted to have a big heart on my ring finger, so I used pretty much the entire width of the tape.

valentines nail triptych

Now place on your nail, gently press down to make sure the edges are sealed, and, using a small amount of polish, paint! Before the paint dries carefully remove the tape.

Repeat on any other nails you wish to paint, and after they dry cover with a top coat. Voila! You have a festive but not over the top manicure for the day of love :)

valentines day finished mani 2